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Why Fletcher Siding?

Quality siding protects your home and saves you
thousand$ of dollar$ in maintenance costs!

Fletcher Siding uses only the highest quality residential siding products to ensure a long life of protection for your home and prevention of the common hazards that can destroy your home and your home's value. Below are some of the many benefits of replacing your  home's exterior siding.


Maintenance Free

Tired of spending thousand$ on home painting and repairs? Quality siding requires less maintenance and provides long lasting protection from any kind of weather.



Expert siding installation saves you $ on heating and air conditioning bills. Durable siding insulates your home for the best energy savings. Keep the cold and heat outside.


Durable no matter the weather

Today's quality siding products are durable and maintenance free. Wind, heat, cold and UV resistant, you can be confident your home is well protected with Fletcher siding.


Curb Appeal

We can help you select the perfect siding color, style and texture for your home for maximum curb appeal and personal satisfaction with the appearance of your home.


Potential Increased
Resale Value

Investing in quality siding with superior insulation, durability and appearance, increase a home's value by making it more attractive and appealing to potential buyers.


Resistant to Rust, Rot, Insects 

Maintenance free siding protects your home from the devastating effects and costs of rot, mold, and insect infestation. Our siding products resist mold, moisture and insects.

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